Expande Franquias e Varejo

Expansão e Oportunidades em Franquias e Varejo

Expande Franquias e Varejo - Expansão e Oportunidades em Franquias e Varejo

Setor de franquias cresce 11,2%

Na contramão da retração econômica, o setor de franchising demonstrou resultados positivos no primeiro semestre de 2015 e o setor de Franquias cresce.



Esta é uma pergunta comum de candidatos à franquias, franqueados e até de franqueadoras.

Negócio próprio ou franquia?

Investir em um novo negócio é pensamento de muitas pessoas, mas poucas conseguem colocá-la em prática e tornar-se bem sucedidas. Normalmente pessoas cansadas de dedicar seu tempo para grandes corporações, decepcionadas com seus superiores, ou até com uma quantia de dinheiro guardada tomam a decisão por tomar as rédeas de sua vida financeira e carreira e apostam em ter seu próprio negócio.

Franquias de alimentação – resultados positivos em Pesquisa Setorial

Uma pesquisa realizada pela ECD FOOD SERVICE encomendada pela Associação Brasileira de Franchising nos trouxe resultados positivos no segmento Alimentação no Franchising, com crescimento esperado para 2015 de 10% no setor e um aumento no ticket médio de 4,9% provando que a alimentação fora do lar continuará sendo um hábito do consumidor brasileiro.

Dicas para Expandir o seu Negócio de Franquias

Para que uma pessoa consiga atingir seus objetivos (crescimento e expansão saudável de sua empresa e negócio) é preciso fazer uma avaliação prévia sobre o estado geral de sua empresa, antes de começar a colocar em prática as dicas que vamos repassar nesse artigo.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

First Skylanders, then Disney Infinity and now LEGO—the video game sections of major retailers everywhere are slowly being taken over by toys. Which plastic portal of power should you be plugging into your game console? Let’s see if we can help Get wwe immortals hack here.

In a perfect world where no one needed to care about cost or shelf space I’d say get them all. I’ve been enamored by the combination of toys and digital entertainment since Captain Power showed up back in 1987, and anything that encourages more of that is fine by me.

But it’s not a perfect world and money is a factor, especially when it comes to investing hundreds of dollars in buying the games and collecting the figures now available across three major game franchises.

So we’re going to break down the three latest toys-meet-games titles—Disney Infinity 3.0, Skylanders: Superchargers and newcomer LEGO Dimensions—to see which of your boxes they tick.

A note on Amiibo: Why am I not including Nintendo’s wildly-popular Amiibo figures in this comparison? Because while those do interact with games on a basic level, they are more of a platform than a game in their own right.

The Toys

Our physical interfaces with the games’ digital worlds will live on long after we’ve stopped pulling Disney Infinity 3.0, Skylanders: Superchargers and LEGO Dimensions discs from their respective cases. Which colorful pieces of plastic come out on top?


If you’re looking to acquire a gorgeous set of toys, look no further than Disney Infinity. The designers of Infinity toys have done an amazing job of taking a series of characters from a diverse line-up and reworking them to look as if they all inhabit the same cartoon world. The recent Star Wars releases in particular are just stunning, capturing the spirit of the franchise’s iconic heroes and villains perfectly.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

Skylanders toys have great sculpts, but close-up the painting leaves a lot to be desired. Take a look at the Superchargers version of Jet-Vac here—the blue jacket with its blue straps and blue buckles and…well, it’s just all blue.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

LEGO minifigures are LEGO minifigures—they each look lively for what they are and I love them, but if you’re looking for dynamic display figures it’s all Disney.

Winner: Disney Infinity


Both Disney Infinity and LEGO Dimensions utilize characters from existing properties, so you pretty much know what to expect when you place one of those toys on a plastic portal.

Skylanders figures, on the other hand, are unique creations that aren’t bound by established rules or fiction. Repaints and variants aside, each new Skylander has a bit of mystery about it. Take Splat here check this website.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

I love her look, but I have no idea what she does yet. I have every intention of porting her into the game, but part of me would rather prolong the mystery for a little while longer.

And again, they are all original figures. A Disney Infinity or LEGO Dimensions designer starts off with a beloved character and just has to figure out how to make them fit a particular style. Skylanders toy designers get to create something entirely new, and the end results are often delightful.

Winner: Skylanders


Disney Infinity figures are statues. Some of the upcoming Star Wars figures light up on the portal (like Light Core Skylanders before them), but they are essentially very colorful army men.

The same goes for Skylanders figures. While some of the vehicles in the Superchargers line feature moving parts and rolling wheels, the characters themselves are just a step removed from those little naked children statues they used to sell at drug stores.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

In terms of real-world playability, it’s all LEGO Dimensions. Every LEGO Dimensions figure is a LEGO minifigure. Pop them off of their base and you can play with them the same way you would any LEGO figure. Every LEGO Dimensions accessory or vehicle is a miniature LEGO kit, capable of being broken down and rebuilt into a variety of different forms.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

I love this, but I am a LEGO fan—your children’s mileage may vary. I was talking to my nephew about the game during Thanksgiving dinner and he said the only thing he hated was “having to build the portal.” If your child is as much a jerk as my younger nephew, don’t get them anything for the holidays.

Winner: LEGO Dimensions

If you’re just buying the toys for the sake of collecting, then the choice comes down to personal preference. If I had to choose between one of the three it would probably be the LEGO offering, but only because I have several thousand dollars already invested in LEGO sets and bricks moviestarplanet hack ios.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

From there it depends on what I am collecting for. If I’m looking for some sort of investment I’d go with Disney Infinity, as its trio of iconic brands—Disney, Marvel and Star Wars—all resonate with collectors. If I wanted semi-surreal strangeness, then it’s Skylanders all the way.

Ultimately I feel that collecting these figures for collecting’s sake is doing one’s self a disservice. Without playing the games, you’re only experiencing half of the fun.

The Games

While the toys all blur together on the shelves during a late-night bout of holiday shopping, the Disney Infinity 3.0, Skylanders: Superchargers and LEGO Dimensions gameplay experiences are each distinctively different.

If you’re buying for kids, know that each of the three is colorful, well-made and relatively easy to pick up and play. These are some of the kid-friendliest titles on the market.

It all comes down to what you or your young giftee is looking for in a game.


Before LEGO Dimensions arrived picking a winner purely based on gameplay was a much easier task. The Skylanders series has traditionally given players a rock-solid 3D platforming game (with more platforming elements introduced once the developers added the ability to jump in the third game, Swap Force.)

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

Disney Infinity has always offered a variety of themed adventure levels, but despite bringing on some respected outside developers to work on aspects like combat or driving, these adventures have always felt somewhat limited, extensions of its creativity-focused Toy Box construction mode rather than their own thing.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

Now LEGO Dimensions has arrived, and while the core gameplay is the same as countless other LEGO games crafted by developer TT Games, creative use of the portal—the base all three games use to interface with their toys—gives it a bit of an edge. In Disney Infinity and Skylanders, once the toys are on their portal there’s no need to touch them again until you want to change characters. In Dimensions the player is constantly moving their characters and accessories between the three different segments of the portal. Say an enemy casts a spell to trap Batman. The area underneath his figure on the portal turns red. To break the spell he must be moved physically to a non-red section of the portal.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

It’s really a tough call between LEGO Dimensions and Skylanders: Superchargers, the latter of which added land, sea and air racing to its repertoire. So I’m just going to cop out. If you crave straightforward platforming and racing, go with Skylanders. If you want to hunt for collectibles and use your portal like a chess board, go with LEGO.

Tie: LEGO Dimensions/Skylanders


Here’s where Disney Infinity 3.0 shines. What the series lacks in pure gameplay it makes up for in spades with its Toy Box mode. Toy Box gives players the tools they need to create their own adventures—terrain pieces, buildings, vehicles and more can be placed. Objects can be assigned behaviors via a simple visual programming tool that kids are more likely to pick up before adults. Players can create their own games within the game and share them online with the world.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

LEGO Dimensions does allow players to break down their accessories and rebuild them into different forms, but these changes come with step-by-step instructions. For LEGO creativity, you’ll have to stick to physical LEGO bricks.

Skylanders does not appear in this category.

Winner: Disney Infinity


There are many factors that influence how long someone plays a game—time constraints, attention spans and such. One player may get to the end boss in Skylanders: Superchargers and call it quits. Another will buy every character that comes out and run them through the game until they’ve reached max level, earned every star, completed every goal and gathered every collectible. When I talk longevity, I’m addressing that second sort of person—how much will the obsessive gamer have to do?

In Disney Infinity 3.0 that involves completing each adventure level—there’ll be three Star Wars levels come mid-December, plus a lovely little platformer based on the film Inside Out. There’s a Marvel Battlegrounds set arriving in March of 2016 that will allow comic book characters to do battle. There are set pieces for the Toy Box mode to collect—quite a few, really. Plus toy characters can be leveled up, each with a skill tree that can be used to tailor them to the players’ play style. All of that plus special Toy Box games, building custom levels, decorating and expanding their own mansion—it has the potential to keep players occupied for quite some time.

That said, I often find that once I play through the core game sections, my drive to create and collect isn’t quite as strong. Much of Disney Infinity’s depth comes from the creative Toy Box mode, and that’s not for everyone.

Skylanders Superchargers is packed with collectibles to find, characters to level up and vehicles to customize with upgrades and new parts. There’s a central hub filled with places to explore, land sea and air races both offline and online, and each new character released offers a brand-new way to play through established content.

Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You?

That said, this year’s entry is a bit skimpier than previous ones. There are only 20 new characters, each with a corresponding vehicle. Instead of adventure packs featuring new levels, this year’s packs unlock new racetracks, which is lovely if you’re into the racing, not so much if you’re not.

LEGO Dimensions is pretty massive, all things considered. Along with a lengthy story mode filled with secrets and collectibles that can only be unlocked via subsequent play throughs with different characters, each property represented in the game gets its own adventure level to explore. Adventure levels feature themed challenges, even more collectibles and really give players a chance to much about in their favorite characters’ worlds. Certain properties, like Portal, Doctor Who and Ghostbusters (coming soon) even get entire dedicated gameplay levels. Characters in LEGO Dimensions don’t level up, but each vehicle and accessory does—three times over, considering each has three different forms.

I’d say LEGO Dimensions and Disney Infinity 3.0 are neck-and-neck in terms of stuff to do and collect. That said, I’m having a lot more fun doing and collecting those things in LEGO Dimensions click here.

Everything to play for as employers turn to video games in recruitment drive

Job interviews have traditionally been painful affairs, with applicants sitting, sweaty-palmed, in some anteroom wondering whether or not to accept a biscuit. But today’s job applicants may well find themselves facing not an intimidating interview panel but a computer-based “psychometric” test criminalcasehacks.net/.

And anyone after a job with accountant Deloitte had better start honing their skills on Angry Birds, because the company’s latest recruiting tool is a mobile phone game. Called Firefly Freedom, it is set in a fictional forested world in which players must catch fireflies to provide light for their family during the winter.

Such digital techniques are part of wider moves to make recruitment as meritocratic as possible. The big four accountancy firm has also begun hiding details of applicants’ school and university from recruiters, as a way to eliminate “unconscious bias” – and presumably conscious bias as well.

Deloitte and other employers, including the NHS, HSBC, the BBC and the civil service, are also to introduce name-blind applications in an attempt to rule out stereotyping and discrimination. Universities and colleges will operate the same system by 2017. The issue was highlighted by David Cameron in his Tory conference speech this year: he cited the example of a “young black girl who had to change her name to Elizabeth before she got any calls to interviews”.

Keen to find out how I might fare in this meritocratic new world, I sit down to play Deloitte’s game. I’m told it will test my risk appetite, mental agility and persistence. But before I even start I am warned that “the game may not run adequately on this device”. Does this show my prospective employer that I can’t afford a decent phone and thus will not need to be offered a bumper pay deal from http://www.clashofclanshackss.net/?

I “may not display the breakthrough thinking for step-change, nor the diligence required in high-stakes situations”
Level one requires me to fire pieces of fruit at a jar in a bid to release the fireflies trapped inside. But one of the 10 pieces of fruit will smash the jar, allowing the fireflies to escape – and reducing my score to zero. It is supposed to test whether players will quit while they’re ahead or press on in their quest for more fireflies, at the risk of losing them all. I quit with what seems to me a decent haul of five.

Simpler tests measure how quickly I can tap the screen, and whether I can remember a sequence of colours. After a final, incredibly frustrating round that I claim colourblindness stops me completing, the game is over. It has lasted 28 minutes. “Congratulations,” it says. “You have gathered enough fireflies for your family for another year.”

Within minutes my data has been sent to Arctic Shores, the company that designed the test for Deloitte. The results seem accurate – to the extent that they read a lot like school reports I used to get. Some observations seem unlikely to be unique to me, though, such as the way I “tend to be fairly motivated by tangible rewards”.

I’m told I am “as quick at learning new things as most people”, and I “may not display either the truly breakthrough thinking required for step-change, nor the extreme due diligence required in high-stakes situations”. Still, news that I’m “something of a perfectionist” covers me if I later want to trot out the interview cliche about my biggest flaw.

It is easy to be sceptical about tests like these. Former Co-operative Bank chairman Paul Flowers, for instance, scored very highly in psychometric testing. That did not stop him having to resign after being filmed buying drugs, with a subsequent conviction earning him the nickname the Crystal Methodist.

But Arctic Shores insists it is incisive: “Our method exclusively relies on objective data and our games meet the highest psychometric standards.”

Professor John Rust, director of Cambridge University’s Psychometrics Centre, says such tests can be invaluable if they are built properly. Interview situations could disadvantage people from specific backgrounds, but the test is a more controlled environment. You can compare results with how everyone else in the population is likely to behave, and tests can also be done online, at a distance, and on thousands of people, at practically zero cost.”And he says apps such as Firefly Freedom are part of a “gamification” of psychometric testing http://www.monsterlegendshackss.net/. “It is great if we can make these things more interesting, and turning them into games is the most interesting of all.”


The only disadvantage, he adds, is that an applicant could play the game several times and not get the same result. In any game, after all, “you win some and you lose some”.

Deloitte plans to use Firefly Freedom to recruit 200 apprentices. If this works, they may use it as part of a recruitment programme that brings 1,500 people a year into the business. The aim is to find “high-potential recruits who may not necessarily stand out through a traditional recruitment process”.

Emma Codd, managing partner for talent at Deloitte, said: “We need people to join Deloitte from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a range of perspectives and experience. There is compelling evidence that alternative recruitment methods support this objective, helping to identify exceptional talent by providing opportunities for the millennial generation to shine.”

Presumably they’ll still need to be able to read a balance sheet read more details.

Vendas de colchões num caminhão alavancarão faturamento de lojas Anjos

Com mercado aquecido, o mega feirão da Anjos Colchões levará o produto até o consumidor.
“Se Maomé não vai à montanha, a montanha vai a Maomé”. É mais ou menos seguindo este ditado que a Anjos Colchões – franqueadora de lojas de colchões e itens para o quarto – acaba de lançar um caminhão exclusivo para realizar mega feirões de seus produtos.

MR.BEER apresenta modelo de microfranquia durante ABF Expo 2014

A Mr. Beer Cervejas Especiais participa neste ano pela quarta vez consecutiva da ABF Franchising Expo, apresentando o novo modelo de quiosque que se enquadra na categoria de microfranquia. A novidade exige do franqueado investimento inicial de R$ 65 mil e tem, aproximadamente, quatro metros quadrados. As outras opções da rede são as lojas – ou quiosques – com tamanho mínimo de seis metros quadrados – e os espaços gourmets.

Grandes tendências do franchising a se observar

Franqueadores compartilham ou terceirizam os recursos operacionais e buscam franqueados que estão preparados para ter várias marcas ou crescer em novas indústrias. Embora algumas destas tendências são mais evidentes do que outras, todas podem ser observadas em uma avaliação criteriosa do mercado de franquias.

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