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After missing five games, Keith Hornsby is ‘getting close’ to returning for LSU

Getting close. That’s the official diagnosis on LSU senior guard Keith Hornsby from none other than Keith Hornsby http://www.triviacrackcheatss.com/.

The veteran shooting guard has missed the Tigers’ first five games as he recuperates from sports hernia surgery right before the season. Now, with two more games to go before LSU (3-2) take an extended break for first-semester finals, Hornsby says he is close to being ready to get back to work.

“I’d say I’m doing very well,” Hornsby said Friday as the Tigers began preparation for a road trip to Charleston on Monday. “We’ve been pushing the rehab a good bit, but we’ve been conscious, too. I’ve been really listening to my body. Any little ache, we’ve kind of held off on activities, but everything is on schedule. I haven’t been in live practice yet, but I really feel like I should be back in a week or two if everything works out.”

Whenever Hornsby is set to return will be a boost for LSU, which is more talented and deeper than in years past, but sorely needs the intangibles the Virginia native brings.

Hornsby is the Tigers’ top returning scorer from last season (13.4 points per game) and he led the team with 72 made 3-pointers. Freshmen Antonio Blakeney and Brandon Sampson have stepped in to fill his role as a shooter and scorer, but their youth can’t be accelerated.

LSU veteran Keith Hornsby says he hopes to return in the next few weeks | Video
He hasn’t played this season as he recuperates from sports hernia surgery
That has manifested itself in the young duo not being as aggressive driving to the rim when a perimeter shot is open, as well as on defense.

“Keith is just a steady force for us,” LSU coach Johnny Jones said. “We missed his experience out there on the floor for us, the threat he would be on the offensive end of the floor — getting to the basket, making tough plays, allowing for flow in our offense. I think on the defensive end with his toughness, the sense of urgency with which he plays, his rebounding ability, we missed that as well candy crush saga hack android.

“Any time you have the experience like that, it’s tough (to replace). It’s unfortunately a very young team. We are starting three freshmen, a sophomore and a junior. If you take Keith and put him in there with the experience he has, I think it helps us.”

Added junior Tim Quarterman, “Keith is a good hustler. He gets up and down the floor and passes the ball very well. He’s a winner so bringing him back is just going to make us better.”

For now, though, Hornsby is relegated to finding ways to help from his courtside seat.

During the Tigers’ two games in Brooklyn, Hornsby sat in the middle of the bench and was antsy, jumping up and down, living and dying as his teammates made big plays and struggled at times.

During timeouts, he often pulled Sampson or Blakeney aside and offered words of encouragement.

“It’s been a very unique test for me,” Hornsby said. “The two games up in New York were probably the most stressful I’ve had in two years — a different kind of stress, a feeling of helplessness. I want to help my team, but I can’t. I’m learning to be a leader as much as I can from the sideline. I’ve been more vocal and encouraging.”

Never one to hold back with an answer, Hornsby delivered when asked to assess where the Tigers are after the five games he has had to observe.

Keith Hornsby says young LSU team is getting comfortable with each other’s roles | Video
He has missed the first five games recovering from hernia surgery
“We’re so unselfish and maybe sometimes too unselfish,” he said. “With all the talent we have, that unselfishness will be great throughout the season http://www.contractwarshackss.com/.

“Anybody who is watching us can tell you, we have to get better at rebounding and defense. We need to contain the guards and not allow penetration, box out and have the toughness and edge to get critical rebounds in late-game situations. That really cost us at the end of games. We have to take something away from those losses and learn from it.”

After four years of college ball and playing on a team with young star-caliber players last year, Hornsby also knows he has a chance to add some elements that the Tigers — who have started three freshmen in every game but one when sophomore Jalyn Patterson stepped in for Sampson — are searching for.

Quarterman is the lone player who has started more games for LSU, and Josh Gray brings a certain level of knowledge form a well-traveled career.

Nobody quite provides the ‘it’ factor that Hornsby can.

“Everybody is going to say leadership is the big thing I’ll bring and that’s true,” he said. “I’ve got the experience to know the right things to do in certain situations.

LSU guard Keith Hornsby brings a hard-nosed style to the Tigers.
Rogelio V. Solis | Associated Press

“Our freshmen are playing great and have done a good job and the best they can in certain situations. But until you’ve been out there and understand how well other coaches and teams prepare to face you, it can be tough. It’s not like you can just go out there and just play and do everything you want because you’re a great athlete. You have to understand a game plan and then go execute it.”

Which isn’t far off now for Hornsby.

“I want to be out there but not if I’m not ready,” he said. “There’s no need to rush back because that would be the worst thing if I aggravate it.

“I know what I can do when I come back. I’ll bring another shooting threat, another attacking threat, a solid defender and I’m going to play as hard as I can at all times. This sitting-out period has given me more motivation to come out stronger than ever before deer hunter 2014 hack.”

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