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Guinea Pig Hutch – Consider These Life and Death Safety Issues

Do you have a new guinea pig hutch? Great! Now you are faced with a number of questions about line rangers cheats how you can use your new hutch to keep your pet safe and secure.

First and foremost, your guinea pig hutch should keep your pet safe. It is your line rangers hack job to keep the hutch clean and sanitary. Part of your regular inspection should include checking for sharp edges that may injure your cavy.

Generally, your hutch should be elevated several feet off the ground to keep it dry. It is best if the roof is pitched to allow water to run off and not accumulate over the animal. Keep the roof in good blitz brigade hack repair because it is vital to keeping your pet dry on rainy days.

Your hutch should have a wire bottom that provides a way for urine and pig droppings to drop through. There are, however, problems with a wire bottom in a hutch –it is an easy way for your pig to snag his feet and injure himself, and it can cause your pet’s feet to become sore from walking on it.

There are a couple of ways to solve these potential problems.

Never use chicken wire. Chicken wire presents several safety issues. It will damage your wwe immortals pet’s feet, it tends to bend and break and create sharp corners, and it does madden mobile hack not provide adequate protection from predators.

Wire mesh is much stronger, safer to the feet, and provides the best protection from predatory animals. Mesh comes small enough to prevent your pet’s feet from going through it, yet large enough to allow the passage of waste products.

To keep your pet’s feet from becoming sore, it is wise to cover one-third to one-half of the floor with a flat piece of wood.

Your guinea pig hutch should be large enough that your cavy has room to stretch, walk around, and wwe immortals cheat be comfortable. Quarters that are too cramped will result in a stressed pig. Also, a smaller hutch will become soiled much more quickly.

The guinea pig hutch should contain a nest box. Why? A nest box gives your guinea pig a place to hide — which is part of his nature. When predators come by your pet will feel much safer inside his nest box and madden mobile cheats he will often nestle in there for comfort and security.

Welcome to the world of guinea pig owners! I know you will enjoy many months and years of being entertained by your gentle, loving, and comical new pet! Just remember,madden mobile hack tool he depends on you for his safety and protection, and your guinea pig hutch is a big piece of that equation!

I love guinea pigs!

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