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Expande Franquias e Varejo - Expansão e Oportunidades em Franquias e Varejo

The Origins and History of the Guinea Pig

The guinea pig, also called the ‘cavy’, is a common pet in many countries, including Europe, America, and several Southern-hemisphere countries. But they do not originate from these countries, and have actually only been found there for around 500 years.

Let’s explore the guinea pig’s madden mobile coins history, looking at the important role it plays in South American traditions, what it is used for, and blitz brigade cheats how it has spread so far and wide.

Guinea pigs originate from the regions near the Andes mountain range in South America, in line cookie run cheats the modern countries of Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. They have been found there for many thousands of years, and have played an important part in line cookie run hack the area’s culture and history.

As early as 5000BC guinea pigs have been kept as domestic animals, in madden mobile cheat the same way that they are nowadays. In covet fashion hack tool those days though, they were central to society, and were considered to be much more than simply pets.

For thousands of years, guinea pigs have been seen as a highly madden mobile coins sacred, religious creature. They are worshiped in religion and also play an important role in a wide range of tribal rituals. They also have an important place in the area’s art, appearing in many drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

They also have an important role in medicine, and are still used line cookie run cheats in areas where Western treatments are not used. Black cavies are considered particularly effective, and are rubbed against the patient to help diagnose their illness.

Guinea pigs are also kept as pets, although many families keep them primarily as a source of food, in the same way that we might keep chickens. They live alongside the family, eating their leftovers, until they grow big enough to be eaten.

They were taken to Europe by explorers and travellers in the 1500s. Because of their exotic nature, they quickly became popular pets among the rich, and it was seen as a status symbol if you were able to afford one.

Ever since, cavies have continued to grow in popularity, and have been taken even further afield, to the point where they can now be found in almost every country of the world.

Their cute looks, calm attitude, and loving nature mean that they are likely to be very popular pets for the foreseeable future.

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