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Your New Guinea Pig Hutch – Where You Place It Might Be Dangerous!

Are you blitz brigade cheats are the owner of a new guinea pig? Aren’t they great? They really are the most loving and gentle creatures. Obviously, you want to keep your new pet safe and secure. If your circumstances are such that you need to keep your cavy outdoors, you have probably purchased a guinea pig hutch. Now line rangers hack you are wondering about the safest place to put it.

Guineas do best living indoors. Ideally, you want to place your pigs wwe immortals cheat in a 60 to 75 degree environment – the same as you like! Severe temperature changes are not healthy for cavies. If your pet is exposed to very hot temperatures in the day and cold temperatures at night, he will likely become stressed.

If you have to keep your cavy outdoors, you should understand that he is more sensitive to heat than to cold. You should never leave your pig outdoors if the temperature inside of his hutch will exceed 85 degrees. It is dangerous for your cavy to be left in this type of heat for any length of time.

If you must keep your pet outside during summer months, place the guinea pig hutch in the shade and turn the window away from direct sunlight. It’s a good idea to place a garden shade cloth over the hutch window to filter out the sun. Keep in mind that wooden hutches are cooler in shadow fight 2 the summer months than metal hutches.

Guineas can tolerate cold temperatures — but not freezing temperatures. The important thing, especially in colder weather, is to make certain your cavy is not exposed to dampness or drafts. Damp or drafty places can cause respiratory problems that may result in illness — even death. Keep the hutch up off the ground — this will avoid exposing your pet to not just water puddles, but also dampness.

Since it is your job to protect blitz brigade your animal from extreme elements, it is good to know that your hutch is designed with this protection in covet fashion cheat mind. When examining your guinea pig hutch, make sure there are solid side panels (or drapes made from canvas) that will shield your animals from wind and rain.

Okay. I think you are beginning to get the idea. Now let’s just go over a few points madden mobile hack tool and see if we can’t piece together the whole picture. When placing your guinea pig hutch outdoors:

Place it up off the ground.
Choose an area that is not damp
Choose an area that is draft free
Avoid direct sunlight in summer
Keep the temperature inside under 85 degree
Cover openings during wet and windy weather.
Avoid freezing temperatures
To accomplish these goals you may need to choose a shady spot in the summer and a sunny spot in the winter. You might also consider placing your line cookie run hutch inside a ventilated shed or outbuilding. Some folks have built fences around their hutches to keep out predators.

Before we go, let’s consider one more important feature for your pet’s comfort. Your guinea pig hutch should contain a nest box. Why? A nest box gives your guinea pig a place to hide and burrow — which is part of his nature. When predators madden mobile coins come lurking your cavy will feel much safer inside his nest box. Even during safe times he will snuggle inside for his own comfort. It might seem insignificant to you – but it is a big deal to your guinea pig!

I hope you enjoy your new guinea pig. I know you are in for many weeks, months and years of comical entertainment from your madden mobile gentle, loving pet. Just remember to put his safety and comfort first — starting with his guinea pig hutch!

I love guinea pigs!

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